A Personal Story

A Climb Through The Branches To Self-Awareness

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Self-Awareness Is The First Step In Any Transformation: Body, Mind, or Spirit

My name is Dr. Edwin Adams, The Leadership Alchemist. I've been on the self-awareness journey and continue to step forward in understanding myself better. And I support others in doing the same. This book is my story. And I'm confident you can see a little of yourself in this journey as well.

Telling the story has been a journey all in itself. Yet hearing the impact it has had on countless others is priceless. It has helped me realize my passion: developing non-dependent, high-performance people using world-class teachings and application strategies that disrupt comfort zones.

The video below illustrates my passion!


Why Read It?

It Will Impact Every Part Of Your Life 

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So that you can interact with and enjoy the world of diversity and opportunity.  

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So that you use your giftedness and uniqueness as pillars of strength for influence, without fear.

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So that your divine nature becomes the source of light and life in service to others.

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