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A Place For Men To Take Leadership and Personal Development Beyond Theory And Into Practice

There Are Stages of Development

The origins of belief and thought that lead to action.

To Help You Close The Gap

The actions and intentions that create our results ... taking us from where we are to where we desire to be.

And To Help You Consistently Grow

Better results creating lasting belief in what's possible.

Why Join This Leadership Laboratory? Dr. John C. Maxwell said it best ...

Leadership is influence. And everything rises and falls on influence.

Leadership Is Influence ...

And it's an inside job. Every successful and fulfilling transformation begins with a belief. And through action, that belief has the potential to create results. Our thoughts are only potential power. Applied thoughts are power! This is the formula for success that every great entrepreneur, athlete, and superhero has used to overcome resistance and step forward into purpose and passion.

I am Dr. Edwin Adams. I have spent the past 20 years honing this Growth Pathway and applying its influence in my coaching practices. There is most certainly a formula for success! In this laboratory, I will show you that formula and how to embrace a journey that will reward you with fulfillment and happiness.

Why Do We Hesitate To Grow & Develop? Why Do We Struggle With Purpose & Passion?

Too often, thoughts and beliefs hold us back from our highest value contribution. We must develop new strategies. We must create our solutions now. We must discover opportunity that is right in front of us. But there's one tiny word that keeps us from doing all of that....


Now, There's A Better Way To Grow And Develop ... All Year Long...Without the IF !

No more guessing. No more searching. No more wasted money. No more wasted time. No more IF and WHEN. Here is how I can support you and help you develop in this leadership laboratory ...

Step-By-Step Guidance

In every single area of our life, there is an opportunity to grow: body, mind, or spirit. Growth is a process. And we will take it step-by-step together, every week. We will spend quality time in each phase of growth. We will be in constant contact daily through the Telegram app. And each week, I will release new core content with your weekly challenge. When we finish all of them, the cycle continues. Growth is a continuous cycle of transformation; and thus, we will continue to create sustainable change as a way of life and leadership...consistently training and upskilling along the relentless pursuit!

Best Practices

New content, new opportunities, and proven strategies are made available to you each week. From attitude to zero-tolerance, I will condense all of the best strategies, hacks, and systems available into action plans to catapult your performance to a whole new level necessary for a new growth trajectory. My last Google search showed over 50 million hits on the terms 'growth' and 'development.' That's a lot of noise! Every week, I will distill the best practices into easy to follow and easy to implement daily actions. The momentum and habits will you need for growth will be created through consistent application of these best practices.

 Community & Connection

Community is a key element of this laboratory experiment. Together, we will all learn, adapt, and grow into our highest value contribution. No one every made it to any level of success without a team of people supporting and guiding them. And that's exactly what you will find here in the lab. Monthly calls for accountability. Weekly content for your to dive deep into. Daily messages of support through the Telegram app. Community is the foundation of any success formula. I look forward to supporting you in this one! You're no longer alone.

What Is The Formula?

Each building on the other, the six stages of the personal growth and development formula is the core of this laboratory. This proven strategy can be applied to any area of life, leadership, or relationship. And it all begins with you! I've outlined some of the actions and milestones of the phases below ...



The Key to Personal Growth & Development


  • Watch the lessons on 'WHY'
  • Experiment with the principles of self-assessment
  • Complete the 80/20 worksheet of time investment and output
  • Complete the responsibilities and reward worksheet
  • Block time in your calendar for high-performance habits
  • Journal the responses to purpose, passion, and why questions


  • I quickly identify opportunities to use the principles of 'my why' in my daily life
  • I take control of my intentions, my choices, my calendar, and my time
  • I find clarity on how I would like to invest my choices and my time



The Ultimate Test of Transformation


  • Watch the lessons on higher and lower values
  • Understand the 4 phases of sustainable change
  • Complete the process of change worksheet
  • Complete a D.I.S.C. personality assessment
  • Identify the common patters of resistance to change
  • Journal the hopes, fears, dreams, goals, and values that drive the desire to change


  • I approach change with understanding of its life cycle
  • I work a process of change to guarantee my desired results
  • I choose and understand my values



Added Influence Under Control


  • Watch the lessons on attitude,  choice, fear, and failure
  • Understand the 7 principles of attitude that affect change
  • Complete the Fail on Purpose challenge
  • Journal the responses to attitude, choice, and failure questions


  • I quickly pivot negative narratives to positive ones
  • I am able to step forward through adversity without fearing failure
  • I adapt to change instead of falling prey to anxiety or returning to comfort



The Building of Influence


  • Watch the lessons on vision
  • Apply the Triad of Vision statements to your goal planning
  • Practice the 5 strategies of effective vision-eering
  • Identify your vision
  • Create a growth plan


  • I know more and know before
  • I spend more time with people who inspire me to build my dream
  • I ask better questions to see farther and wider
  • I have a growth plan



The Price of Transformation


  • Watch the lessons on discipline
  • Understand the definition of discipline and why discipline matters
  • Create your discipline affirmations
  • Review the strengths identified in your DISC assessment


  • I avoid temptation
  • I resist immediate gratification
  • I always get back up after falling
  • I know my strengths and develop discipline within them



Gratitude & Giftedness At Work


  • Watch the lessons on growth
  • Subscribe to three podcasts related to growth
  • Compare and contrast goal consciousness vs. growth consciousness
  • Complete the consistency & accountability worksheet
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  • I believe in my journey
  • I seek new experiences to grow without hesitation or anxiety
  • I welcome new opportunities aligned with my vision and growth plan
  • I actively participate in my growth community
  • I mentor others
  • I consistently seek growth environments in which to thrive

Laboratories Are The Best Training Opportunity

All of the best systems, processes, and strategies available today will be at your fingertips for experimentation during your personal transformation. And you will have guidance of a coach and the support of an incredible community of people ready to test the boundaries of their capacity! Join us in our membership community today!

Here's how you will transform:

  • from victim to VICTOR
  • from if to I SHALL
  • from when to RIGHT NOW
  • from weak to STRONG
  • from anxiety to PEACE
  • from comfort to GROWTH
  • from fear to FREEDOM
  • from hesitant to CONFIDENT
  • from average to UNIQUE
  • from sadness to JOY
  • from stagnation to FLOW
  • from confused to FOCUSED
  • from lazy to PRODUCTIVE
  • from unconsciousness to CONSCIOUS AWARENESS

Through this laboratory of lifestyle creation, I will show you how to take control of your outcomes, to create the life you want to live, and to become the person you desire to be. In body, mind, or spirit, this is THE place to be and THE place to develop into your highest-value self.

Join Me In The Laboratory

You have everything to gain, a lot to learn, much fun to have, many friendships to make, and a life to live to the fullest. Let's grow!

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See you on the inside!

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