Leadership In Crisis

Defining | Battling | Character Building

There has never been a better time to be a leader in a crisis situation. 

Beginning March 26th at 5PM CDT US, I will host a 3-day masterclass series on leadership in crisis. There is no cost to participate in this live, Zoom video conference call.

I believe we'd all agree that in today's reality, leadership matters.

Having seen the emotional roller coaster at play around the world, I want to share with you the key principles of crisis leadership that will have significant impact in the outcome of this, and any, crisis. And I want to support you in becoming your own personified example of optimal leadership in crisis. Here's the overall structure of our engagement:

  • Crisis—like all crises—will eventually pass. The challenge for the leader is to stay strong and steady through the duration. I will show you how best to do exactly that.
  • A crisis is a distraction for a leader. It pulls a leader away from their life focus and towards something else. Whether it’s the breaking news alerts on the evening news, or a panicked report from the Stock Market, there are plenty of things seeking to pull a leader’s attention away from the issue at hand. Awareness of distraction is the first step. I will show you how to best prepare for them.
  • Crisis reveals the character of a leader: It shows what a leader is on the inside, and puts a leader’s ability to adapt to shifting circumstances on display. As my friend, John Maxwell once said, “You’re not made in a crisis—you’re revealed.” I'll help you find the character and courage within you.

This masterclass is FREE to join. It will be presented LIVE on a Zoom video webinar. After registering, you will receive an email with the call access information.

Check the bottom of that Zoom invitation. You will see a link to download the participant guide AND a link to see John Maxwell's perspectives on Leadership In Crisis. See you soon. And thank you, in advance, for joining this call and contributing to the leadership solutions so necessary in today's world.


Three-Day Masterclass

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