Are you frustrated by the lack of leadership in
our world?

I’m ready to see leaders step up and live by good values! I’m starting with me and doing Transformation Tables, so that I can learn and live good values. Join me in a round table discussions starting  January 26th and let’s become better leaders!

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Let Me Know If You'd Like To Join One Of My Transformation Tables

Transformation Tables are values-based leadership development lessons, designed to encourage self-reflection and consistent action.

  • They are six weeks long, one lesson each week:
    • Hope
    • Listening
    • Valuing All People
    • Integrity
    • Forgiveness
    • Multiplication
  • Each table lesson lasts 1 hour.
  • There is no cost for Transformation Tables!
  • After 6 weeks of transformation, we turn them into ACTION Tables!
  • I will have more news soon, so please sign-up below so we can stay in touch!
  • Want to host your own transformation tables with your personal network? Scroll to the very bottom to learn more! ANYONE can host these tables!

Let's make a real difference together in 2021!

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