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with Dr. Edwin Adams, Founder of

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The Aesthetics Of Leadership

As a leadership and personal development coach, there’s one question I get far more than any other. That question is, “What does leadership look like?”

From working with people for over two decades to become better leaders through my platform, I've learned it’s easier for people to see the outward influence of a leader's influence rather than the inner growth that created it in the first place. Look at any professional athlete and you'll get my point...we can see their performance; and they have a stereotypical look.

So then, “What does leadership look like on the inside?" Any personal development journey begins on the inside. Simply said, it's an IN-side job. Whatever outcomes we are getting on the outside are a reflection of who we are on the inside.

Disruption of Comfort, Perspectives, and Beliefs ...

I work to help align an individual's aspirations to an example...a personified one. We may learn, first, what leadership looks like on the inside from the principles identified in someone else's leadership story. From that understanding, we can find similarities in our own stories. Confidence builds as we see our true potential through the disruption of our comfort zone. And thus, the idea of The Aesthetics of Leadership webinar series was share stories of leadership development and transformation that will influence a LEADERshift in our perceptions of self & our potential and to illustrate the aesthetics of leadership that are the fuel to light the fires of change inside.

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Transformations in body result in longevity, mobility, and fulfillment.

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Shifts of perspectives result in transformations of thought & belief

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Sharing the essence of our unique giftedness with others.

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Collegiate Rugby Player, Historian, Poet, & Horse Whisperer

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A set of principles that support and lead to transformations in any area of life. It's not solely a visual appreciation. It's an IN-side transformational experience.

Where the mind goes is where our influence will follow. If we are not getting the results we desire, then we need to pause and take a look on the inside.

This webinar series will showcase some of the best examples of the principles of transformation. I hope you join me in learning from some of the most transformational leaders in the world today. There's an aesthetic to success, wholeness, leadership, wellness, and influence.

Can you see it?

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