The Leadership Alchemist

Dr. Edwin H. Adams

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Transformations In Any Area Of Life Come From A Mastery Of The Variables That Lead To Change


Growth begins with self-awareness. Discovering the beliefs that drive our behavior. Appreciating our strengths and growing edges.


Understanding and finding courage through our unique giftedness results in an evolution of our respective superpowers. 


With enhanced self-awareness and understanding of our giftedness, we are empowered to influence others and our environment.

Supporting people in discerning the variables of growth & change so that comfort is disrupted & transformation becomes possible.

The Alchemist Of Leadership Development


D.I.S.C. Behavioral Analysis


Maxwell Method Of Leadership & Personal Development


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"Dr. Edwin Adams is a like-minded professional who routinely demonstrates the qualities of being compassionate and humble. We have rich discussions which I often draw from as various situations arise in my daily life and work."

Dr. Ed Eiland
CEO, Vital Care, Inc.

"Since meeting Ed, and having many formal and informal interactions I’ve grown tremendously as a person, leader, and in many other areas of my life. His influence has profoundly and dramatically enhanced my ability to communicate, lead, and follow. Simply put, I am better because of his relentless pursuit of support and influence on my leadership journey. "

Tpr. Johnny Jopling
First Responder

"Ed is an excellent mentor that truly cares about helping his clients enrich their lives both personally and professionally. He helped me define my goals, obtain work/life balance, and identify my strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend Ed for anyone looking to enhance their life."

Chase Ament
Owner, EcoTrue Roof Systems

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