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I've discovered a success pathway to support your personal transformation. I use world-class training methods to help you fight fear and to modify the variables of life that are holding you back from your potential.

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Transformations In Any Area Of Life Come From A Mastery Of The Variables That Influence Our Outcomes

Dr. Adams is aware of, understands, and can help you take action in manipulating the variables of growth, success, and fulfillment to help create high-performance, non-dependent people.


Growth begins with self-awareness and a disruption of comfort. Discovering the beliefs that drive our behavior. Appreciating our strengths and growing edges...and disrupting comfort!


Understanding and finding courage through our unique strengths results in an evolution of our respective influence and beliefs. Start understanding yourself better here..... CLICK HERE


With enhanced self-awareness and understanding of our strengths, we are empowered to influence and to modify our growth strategy as a fighter!

Supporting men in discerning the variables of growth & change so that comfort is disrupted & transformation becomes possible.

In other words, I help men who are stuck, stagnant, anxious, and feeling lost by shifting perspectives and showing them the success path forward so that confidence, clarity, purpose, and productivity return. I help men get unstuck and achieve more.

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Top Three Issues Impacting Men Today

We need more and better leaders. That means we need more and better MEN DEVELOPMENT. And, that always demands a disruption of comfort!

Lack Of Self-Awareness

The #1 Issue Leading To Poor Feelings Of Self-Doubt & Anxiety Relating To Purpose & Passion Is A Lack Of Awareness & Understanding Around Our Behavior. Change Begins With Understanding Self First.

Clarity On What Is Desired

Without Clarity, The Path Forward Appears Dim and Uninteresting. We Tend To Feel Lost, Unproductive, and Anxious When We Can't See With Clarity. Desired Growth Can Only Come From Clarity On What Is Desired!

A Circle of Positive Influence

Now, More Than Ever, Fear Has Become The Single, Biggest Influencer To Our Productivity, Efficiency, Authenticity, & Growth. We Are Better Together In The Battle To Change Our Perceptions Of What's Really Happening!

The Leadership Alchemist

In speaking, training, & coaching, AND along with his healthcare, wellness, & pharmacy background, Dr. Adams has received world-class accreditation from the industry-leading expert in leadership and personal development, John C. Maxwell. Dr. Adams specializes in behavioral analysis, optimizing interpersonal communication, the biology of belief & fear, developing growth mindsets, and human performance.

Growth Is Your Answer

Be it self-awareness, growth & development, or fear, I thrive in helping men become high-performance, non-dependent members of a League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

Leadership Academy



Virtual Courses With My Mentor & Friend, John Maxwell, Who Has Had Proven Success Helping Millions Of People With Leadership, People Development, and Self-Development. Courses Include A Deep-Dive Into:

  • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  • LEADERshift
  • Developing The Leader Within You
  • How Successful People Think

D.I.S.C. Behavioral Analysis



A Personalized 50+ Page D.I.S.C. Report

PowerDISC Strength Identification

Communication Effectiveness Insights

A Personal Development Plan

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"Dr. Edwin Adams is a like-minded professional who routinely demonstrates the qualities of being compassionate and humble. We have rich discussions which I often draw from as various situations arise in my daily life and work."

Dr. Ed Eiland
Chief Executive Officer

"Since meeting Ed, and having many formal and informal interactions I’ve grown tremendously as a person, leader, and in many other areas of my life. His influence has profoundly and dramatically enhanced my ability to communicate, lead, and follow. Simply put, I am better because of his relentless pursuit of support and influence on my leadership journey. "

Tpr. Johnny Jopling
First Responder

"Ed is an excellent mentor that truly cares about helping his clients enrich their lives both personally and professionally. He helped me define my goals, obtain work/life balance, and identify my strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend Ed for anyone looking to enhance their life."

Chase Ament

"Ed is the most sincere, curious and encouraging (coach/leader) I’ve ever worked with. He’s a fixture in my growth plan every year and working with him helps me clarify my goals and build confidence in my ability to execute. Over the years, through Ed’s leadership and coaching, I’ve improved everything from my sales results to my relationships. "

Michael Quarls
Sales Professional

"Edwin sees the best in you and enables you to reach beyond your light of sight to reach new places, shifting your comfort zone in a strong methodical approach with support and the right level of progress and accountability. Lasting results are not going to be easy, to reach new heights is going to take some sweat, I am proud and grateful that Edwin is my Sherpa on the path of my personal and professional progress. "

Marc Waterman
Gentleman Apprentice

"Ed mentored me in my new sales role. He helped to break down my job into its simplest components, to prioritize my most important tasks, and to refine tactics and strategies. At some point, everyone needs a coach like Ed."

Tyler Gaspard
Sales Professional

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